Well I am back in Australia! That is the first time I have taken a flight from Europe to Brisbane non stop, and it is not much fun. I am not good at sleeping on planes, I really couldn’t get comfortable, so all up I think I went about 35 hours before I got some sleep. Even then the sleep wasn’t the best sleep because as soon as the sun was up, so was I. I have been use to the sun rising about 9am, now coming home and having it up by 5am really throws you out. I guess I will get use to it in the next few days.

Now it is onto searching for jobs. So far things are looking ok so I will keep everyone posted. Over the next few days and the weekend, I will do my best to catch up with people. Hope to see you soon.

I will also try to post the photos from Britty and my trip to Amsterdam. We used Britty’s Mum’s camera this time, so I need to get them uploaded to google before I can make the post. Amsterdam is a very cool and interesting city, with so much to do, and so much money to spend. I will post them in the coming days.

Hope everyone is well, and see the Australian people soon!